We can help you get more customers

Vehicle move is the perfect tool for any business looking for more customers. We've built our site to be industry specific so that you have the best possible tools available to not only connect directly with customers instantaneously, but also to have the information needed in order to accurately provide quotes to those customers.

Get job leads

Receive job leads directly to your inbox as they come in, or browse leads in your provider dasboard. Only quote on the leads your interested in and forgot the rest.

Showcase your business

Vehicle Move is a great way to showcase your business. Earn great reviews from Vehicle Move customers and they'll be shown on your business profile page. Our profile pages are great exposure for businesses looking to build trust with their customers. Google search users will be able to see your Vehicle Move profile listed in the search results when someone searches your business name.

Track and manage quotes and bookings

We've gone to great efforts to create a platform that is easy to use yet has nice features for helping you manage your quotes, bookings, reviews etc.

Competive pricing with no commissions

Our price per lead is extremely competitive compared to many other lead websites. We have also capped our maximum number of quotes allowed per lead to 4 to give you a good chance of winning the job. Unlike some other transport boards, we do not charge any commissions on work you find through our site. Any customer you get through Vehicle Move is your customer.

Follow up quotes directly with the customer

After you've provided a quote to the customer, we'll send you the customer's phone number so you can follow up your quote and try to secure the job.


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